Sunday, 1 August 2021

August 2021


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2021's brief diary:
1st (Sunday) Visited the allotment and August's weeding commenced. Visited the community garden and carried out an impromptu modification on the composting loo's doorlock.
2nd (Monday) No allotment today instead concentrated on items in the backgarden's greenhouse.
3rd (Tuesday) Visited the allotment. More weeding is undertaken.
4th (Wednesday) Put the dried peppermint leaves into storage jars. Visited the allotment, did a spot of weeding. Harvested broad beans, potatoes, runner beans and rocket. Cut back the grapevine in the polytunnel. Harvested 6lbs of blackcurrants.
5th (Thursday)
6th (Friday)
7th (Saturday)
8th (Sunday)
9th (Monday)
10th (Tuesday)
11th (Wednesday)
12th (Thursday)
13th (Friday)
14th (Saturday)
15th (Sunday)
16th (Monday) Rain showers. No allotment visit. Harvested chives from the garden to create a potato salad.
17th (Tuesday) Drizzly rain all day. No allotment visit today. In the kitchen created Palak Pakodas using up some of the Mexican Tree Spinach.
18th (Wednesday)
19th (Thursday) Drizzly rain with a flash flood late afternoon. Spent the day starting to erect a large polytunnel at the community garden.
20th (Friday) A rare day of sunshine. Cut the hedges in my front garden before spending all afternoon at the community garden finally understanding the instructions on how to put the polytunnel together.
21st (Saturday)
22nd (Sunday)
23rd (Monday)
24th (Tuesday)
25th (Wednesday)
26th (Thursday)
27th (Friday)
28th (Saturday)
29th (Sunday)
30th (Monday)
31st (Tuesday) The last day of summer. A dry day. Visited the allotment twice. Harvested 40g Peas, 230g Pears, 2529g Apples, 400g Courgettes and 914g Runnerbeans.

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