Monday, 3 May 2021

May 2021

 Links to Mr. Middleton's weekly tasks first:

1st (Saturday) The community garden that I'm a director of suffered from an arson attack on the evening of April 29th. Apart from clearing up the aftermath, I spent most of today restoring one of the raised bed, digging out mares tail and bindweed before sifting the soil. I managed to complete half the bed today after spending over 8 hours there.
2nd (Sunday) Visited my allotment, did a spot of weeding.
5th (Wednesday) Paid a brief visit to the allotment. Watered seedlings in the polytunnel. Surveyed the storm damage, mainly bundles of canes that had been blown about. Visited the community garden. Completed typing up the tasks for May 2nd week.
14th (Friday) First day of our first week-long holiday in 3 years.
15th (Saturday)
16th (Sunday)
17th (Monday)
18th (Tuesday)
19th (Wednesday)
20th (Thursday)
21st (Friday) Last day of our holiday only returned home late.
22nd (Saturday)
23rd (Sunday)
24th (Monday)
25th (Tuesday)
26th (Wednesday) Ordered, collected and delivered sand & cement to the community garden to assist in the creation of a memorial area of the garden. Discovered that the chain on the roller shutter on our hub building had come of its cogs and without ladders, we used pallets to reach up but were unable to fix it. Whilst I was there we had another delivery of wood chippings.
27th (Thursday) Spent 12 hours doing work at the community garden. Restoring & painting the main gate, helping to repair the roller shutter on our hub building, emptied the first of 4 large plastic planters that we want to relocate, clearing more of the car park, taking some of the rubbish to the recycling centre, planting Heuchera, Welsh poppies and some Sambucus nigra.
28th (Friday) Painted a bit more of the community garden gates and arranged the collection of a shed for next weekend.
29th (Saturday) Spent several hours on the allotment, weeding, putting the bean & pea plants in along with sweetcorn. 
30th (Sunday) Moved a greenhouse from the allotment site's community plot over to the community garden. Painted some more of the community gates. 
31st (Monday) 

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