Saturday, 27 January 2018

February 2nd Week

According to Mr Middleton in Dig On For Victory we have 10 tasks this week :

1) Sow Peas, Radish, Spinach, Parsnips, Broad Beans. - Peas, radish and round seeded spinach can be sown now in warm positions. Sow parsnips as soon as the soil can be worked without making your boots muddy. Broad beans can be sown in seed trays for planting out when the weather improves.

2) Make and Begin to Use Hot-Bed. - fresh stable manure and leaves 2 ft. deep covered with a 6 in. layer of good soil inside a covered frame. Sow turnips, radish, carrots and carrots in this frame.

3) Forcing Rhubarb and Seakale Outside. - Both rhubarb & seakale can be forced outdoors but will be much slower than the inside forcings. Pots or barrels placed over the crowns and covered in manure should suffice.

4) Prepare Onions for Transplanting. - onions sown in the autumn may be transplanted in to place now.

5) Sow Summer Cabbage and Cauliflowers. - Sow in a frame but not too many. Make another small sowing of cauliflowers.

6) Pot Young Tomatoes. - The seedlings from the January sowing, if well established and about 3 inches high, should be potted on into 3½inch pots and kept at 60°F ( 15.5°C ). Another sowing may be made. Ailsa Craig is recommended.

7) Protect Wall Fruit Blossom. - Peaches will be coming into flower and must be protected from frost, doubled up fish netting is prescribed for this operation. Spraying with Burgundy or Bordeaux mixture to protect against peach-leaf-curl is recommended.

8) Complete Fruit Planting. - If soil conditions allow complete planting of fruit trees.

9) Cut Back New Raspberries. - Raspberry canes planted back in autumn can now be cut back to a foot in height. If planted post-Christmas then allow a few more weeks before starting to cut back.

10) Protect Fruit Buds. - Apparently, bullfinches attack the buds on bush and wall fruits. Protection is described as intertwining black cotton amongst the branches. 

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