Wednesday, 6 July 2016

1st Week July 2016

 I've just been away on holiday for 2 weeks visiting Kent and Sussex at the end of June returning home on July 4th . When I first visited the allotment after just a brief absence I was amazed at how tall some of the plants had grown with a few raspberry canes reaching the 7 ft height  . I checked to see that the watering systems I had in place of my absence had worked which I'm pleased to report that they have .
 On 4th July I harvested :
67g    Greenshaft Peas,
129g  Broadbeans,
1607g New Potatoes (Gwenne variety)
865g  Strawberries.

The peas and some of the potatoes were used for the following day's evening meal along with some of the strawberries for dessert.  
 The following day I checked on the tomato plants in the greenhouse at home . I put a number of cuttings that I had collected on holiday in to compost ,well watered ,sealed in plastic bags and put in the greenhouse to see if they'll root. I followed Percy Thrower's advice and took leaf cuttings of begonias (apricot shades) and put those in a 50/50 mixture of compost and perlite in a bagged plant pot in to the greenhouse.
 At the allotment I undertook some weeding . Pruned the rather tall raspberry canes to a manageable height and tied up the blackcurrant canes that were beginning to droop under the weight of fruit.
 On 5th July I harvested :
1371g Rhubarb,
1663g Raspberries
249g   Strawberries
210g   Gooseberries
92g     Courgette
30g     Baby spinach leaves
6g       Mint leaves

 The raspberries are my main priority here and I'm looking to turn these in to jam in the next few days.

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