Sunday, 10 April 2016

2nd weekend in April 2016

Well the second weekend in April is now over and now is the time I think for a quick look back.
 Sunday had me sowing a few flower seeds and I also purchased 2 blueberry saplings to plant out in pots later next week once I obtain enough ericaceous compost to fill two large pots .

Pots drying ready to be used for pricking out into.

 It would seem that this year I've sown more tomato seeds than usual some of which I've imported from America because they have long been extinct in Britain . I've spent several evenings pricking out tomato and pepper seedling with still more seedlings to be pricked out in to individual pots but has the evenings are still bringing frosts I'm limited on space at the moment as to where I can store them all safely. Varieties that I'm growing for the first time this year are Potentate , Abu Rawan , Acme , Ailsa Craig and Yellow Currant.

My old allotment entrance along with the wind damaged arch.
 On the allotment I've managed to replace my exterior fence and gate with a metal one that I managed to get from the plot holder opposite mine as he was retiring at the end of March. I spent the Tuesday erecting the fence with the assistance of my wife but due to the bizarre weather this week (hailstones , rain , sunshine,winds and frosts) it was Friday before I could treat the fence to a good wire brushing followed by a coat of Hammerite to protect it for the foreseeable future.

My newly acquired allotment entrance before it's restoration.
 Due to lack of space in the greenhouse from pricking out earlier seedlings the only seeds that I have sown this week have been flower seeds . I'm not utilising the polytunnel or the lean-to greenhouse at the allotment to their full potential at the moment . I really must get all those none growing tasks out of the way before May .
Fuchsia Berry plants arriving safe and sound.

 I ordered 10 of the new Fuchsia Berry way back on Easter Monday and I'm pleased to say that they finally arrived in good health on Thursday and will soon be taking up space in the fruit cage before it all gets too full.
 Until next week I thank you for reading/returning, Paul.

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