Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Windfall Apple And Ginger Jam

I've had quite a few windfall apples this summer sadly they're only the size of a golf ball but still I am determined that they wont be wasted. So after gathering this week's winfalls together the process of creating Apple & Ginger Jam began .
 First the apples were quartered and put in a pan and covered in water . The pan was then brought to the boil and simmered for twenty minutes whilst the apples turned to mash .

The mash was then left to drain through a jelly bag overnight . No squeezing of the bag is allowed if you want to end up with a clear jelly jam.

The next step was to measure the juice, and then put in a pan with an equal volume of sugar. This was brought to the boil and then boiled rapidly until setting point (105 degrees C ) is reached. 

Meanwhile an inch sized piece of ginger was peeled and diced very finely . This was added to the above boiling liquid once the liquid reached 100 degrees Celsius.  
This is what you should end up with. 

An excellent alternative to marmalade.

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