Saturday, 21 April 2012

Week ending 21st April 2012

The plot is looking a touch scruffy this week to say the least as it has rained most days and domestic chores have pre-occupied my time .
As I type out this entry a section of vitreous stove pipe as just arrived so adding that to a section of flame resistant pipe I bought for £6.99 at Wickes last night and a cowl I was fortunate enough to womble I should be able to install the stove in the next few weeks.
 With regards to the other tasks on my list one of the new locks I fitted to the shed bust last night in the sense that the key snapped in the lock so I've bought a triple pack of locks last night that all use the same key to help simplify the keyring. I have however brought the gravel sacks home and I am slowly washing them and drying them out to reuse later on .

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