Saturday, 24 March 2012

Potato Planting Begins

I know I've already begun with the potatoes last month when I planted the Vales Emerald but I appear to have amassed so many so quickly that I fear I might not have the space for them all. Today I was only planning to be at the plot for no more than 30 minutes but ended up being there for a hour more. I met Billy who gave me some poles to help build my fruit cage with ( a future project! ) . I also explained that the 120 onion sets I had been given needed planting urgently as they were beginning to take root already. 

Anyway cutting a long story short Billy gave me a tarpauline sheet that we roughly marked out with a craft knife for me to later cut out holes for the onion sets. I'd met my neighbours opposite and was offered more free manure with an agreement that come October we would have one load delivered between us as a single load was far too much for a small plot to use in a year. So all in all a productive 90 minutes and I managed to plant my Saxon and Marfona tubers and another Rhubarb root whilst at the plot and begin pruning the apple tree.
It will all get there soon . Thanks for reading, Paul.
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